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Retraining the ADHD Brain Holistically Lecture @ Naturally Free Food

Is your child having difficulties in school or at home?

Do you suspect he/she may have an attention issue or learning disorder? Has your child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

Are you looking for alternatives to prescription medications to manage attention, impulsivity or performance issues?

Recent advancements in neurofeedback technology have been found to be highly effective in rewiring the ADHD/ADD brain to alleviate associated symptoms. When combined with proper diet and activation, neurofeedback can help your child control his/her brainwave patterns to bring balance, harmony and regulation to the brain -- without drugs or invasive procedures. 

Please join me for an informative lecture and taste-testing event to:
  • Discover how BrainCore neurofeedback therapy can rewire the brain to transform an unhealthy brainwave pattern into a healthy one. 
  • See a demonstration of audio and visual stimulation that is used during biofeedback sessions. 

  • Learn about the effects of food allergies and improper diet on the brain and gastrointestinal tract and how proper diet can alleviate symptoms and improve brain function. 

  • Sample child friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free foods made by Christine Mitchell, proprietor of Naturally Free Food, Smithtown's newest gluten-free specialty store. 
Neurofeedback therapy can have a significant, long-lasting impact on you child's life.  Studies have shown that for many patients, neurofeedback has successfully reduced or eliminated ADHD symptoms by reversing abnormal brainwave patterns.

Please register early as we are limiting the size of this lecture to provide a more intimate environment for learning and sharing.  
Yours in health, 

Dr. Keri Chiappino
Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Defeat Autism Now! Practitioner
Certified BrainCore Therapy Practitioner
Event Info:
Fee: $10
Monday November 7, 2011
7:30 - 8:30 pm
@ Naturally Free Food
9 Singer Lane